Dark Installation Room

I set up the fabric projection in a dark studio to understand how to achieve clearer and stronger imagery on the fabric. I wondered whether I might need to experiment with the lighting to settle on somewhere between the lighting of my studio space and the darkness of a blacked out room but I found that this very dark space worked to my advantage. The imagery is strong but the inevitable light provided by the projector allowed the fabric to be visibly present anyway.

It also proved more cost effective than anticipated because the fabric allowed me to drape it over a fixed length of string across the room which equally complimented the fluidity I am aiming to achieve from the use of fabric.

When I am assigned my studio space I’ll be able to work with it to create the pathway for my audience to journey through. The simple string technique will enable easy alteration aswell; after asking some others to walk through the installation I can figure out the ideal ergonomics for the embodying effect that I’m aiming for.



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