Henna find raising

Another student and myself proposed to offer Henna tattoos to other students on campus for £3 to raise some more money for the degree show. We gathered up tubes of henna and created a poster to advertise the event happening in Cardiff School of Art and Design reception. We chose to do it here because we logically anticipated it to be popular among the art students of the university and judging by the success were planning to duplicate the event elsewhere on campus to be accessible to even more students. The event was originally really popular after posting onto social networking sites and through word of mouth, however we were confronted on the day and told that Henna was not allowed to be done on campus because of the health and safety regulations of the university. We were disappointed as we were confident that it would help the current total increase and were pleased to be making an impact.

To make the poster I screen printed an A4 cut-out with the monotone technique using three colours, to create an attractive and agreeable background to catch people’s attention. I then drew onto it with some of the traditional mehndi pattern work that is used within the origins of the use of henna, and used appropriate font to simply state when and where it will be done and for how much. I had photocopied quite a few to spread around campus too.IMG_7008.JPG




Affordable Art Auction at g39

Another fund raising concept we adopted from previous years Fine Art is the affordable art auction. We purchased a black or white frame for each third year student and we each filled (or overfilled) a frame with a piece of work to be hung up for auction at g39. The auction began last Wednesday (3rd December) and the pieces collectively looked brilliant and I liked how they represented the year group, highlighting the aesthetic and conceptual differences between us all. I used one of my most recent screen prints to fill my black frame, which I was eventually unhappy with because of the success of everyone else’s and how stunning they all looked. Each piece begins at £10 so this event should be fairly successful in bumping up our current total! I bid on number 12 – the piece in the bottom left of the final photograph in this post, because it’s colours were alluring and I found the markings and additions really intriguing, and collectively really comforting.IMG_6988-0.JPG



Cardiff Christmas Market Fund Raiser

For the Fine Art Degree Show Fund Raising, some other students managed to land us a stall at the christmas market on the Hayes in Cardiff city centre, for the rest of us to contribute handmade gifts to be sold. I made some dreamcatchers like these ones to be sold at £4 each. I’m unsure as to how many dreamcatchers were sold but the sale was successful in raising approximately £100!