False Awakenings – dreams

A false awakening during the sleep cycle is where the subject believes to have woken but in fact has not. The experiences with this myself has been very realistic perceptually and therefore been vivid and often terrifying until I have actually woken and realised the difference in realities. Research would suggest a phenomena called sleep paralysis, of which I would like to incorporate because I believe it to be correspondent of the anxieties I get from the society I live in, which is where this artwork originates from.

A company named Urban Projections, who create immersive and sensory stimulating environments provoked an idea I will be able to incorporate when building my space: http://www.urbanprojections.com/#!sensory-environments/c17t5

The imagery that particularly resonated was that of the silhouette of a figure seen through fabric in a certain lighting. The figure is evidently distorted because of the changing contrast depending on how close each body part is to the fabric and the light source, which I feel has potential to represent the sense of uncertainty about the reality of my dreams. It also obtains a sense of mystery as to the existence of the figure which is similar to how sleep paralysis makes me feel.


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