Summative Post: Documentation

Artist Statement

“Pure psychic automatism, by which one seeks to express, be it verbally, in writing, or in any other manner, is the real working of the mind. Dictated by the unconsciousness, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, and free from aesthetic or moral preoccupations.” André Breton

The personal belief that the society we live in now allows us to exercise our minds only in accordance to logical mechanisms of western society; damaging to the acceleration of the evolution of human consciousness, is what motivates my practise.

Exposed to an ethereal labyrinth, the viewer is intended to be embodied by the piece as to eradicate the subjectivity of my conscious mind as well as emphasise the meta-physical existence of consciousness that philosophy accounts for.

The projections derive from a collection of innate imagery, which represent significant experiences of my own imagination during unconsciousness. I aim to prompt members of the audience to reflect on their own conscious minds’ extraordinary capacity.

1. Dream Diary

This post explains the initial development of Dream documentation of which I consider a private artwork but undoubtedly the most crucial part for my use of imagery. I keep the diary near me while sleeping so I can document dream narratives, events and images before forgetting them.

2. Dream Collages

I collected imagery found within books and magazines from charity shops to put together dreamscapes that represented certain dreams or particular dream recurrences from the diary. This post shows the collages with the intensity and perception distortion I was aiming for.

3. Dreamscape Paintings

The collage work involved paint and drawing aswell, so I moved onto start complete paintings of the dream phenomena to practise depicting the dreams. This work was really satisfying because the imagery wasn’t extracted from elsewhere which allowed me to connect with it more. Having said that, it pushed me further toward collage because of the time frame that I was under.

4. Kaleidoscope Selection

Editing the artwork in this way occurred because I wanted to increase intensity to provide a stronger impact and serve as a prompt for the anxiety my dreams sometimes cause, but also because circular and rhythmic patterns are an aesthetic that I visually adhere to personally. This post shows the few, of many, patterns that I selected and the reasons.

5. Dark Installation Room

This posts is about the experimentation with a projector and several types of fabric to decide on the immateriality of the piece and how the imagery would project. I was able to clarify what I had learnt about installation art and embodiment.


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