Obviously my projectors need to be situated around the space with the intention of filling the space with my imagery. I found that at the centre of each wall at a height, allowed the image to project at its biggest and therefore fill the space. In hindsight I feel that I should’ve planned a way of projecting from further afield – maybe from outside of the space or with a bigger space – however, the projection covers a significant amount of the room and I am still waiting for the second one from university. After speaking to the technician, though, we’ve decided that the projectors can sit in the middle of two opposite walls of the space at the top, where the projection will go straight out and downwards, leaving only a small diamond shaped gap at the bottom in the middle of the space.

The images are not fully representative because there is light present but the experiments done before the show preparation began, assure me that the darkness makes significant difference to how the fabric picks up the light!



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