The Construction of My Installation Space

Once all the artist’ spaces were constructed, I began to prepare my own. Gum taping the edges and joints of the walls allows paint to sit flat over the top, covering the bumps and edges. At the time I was unaware that there would be white gum tape available as the brown tape will obviously require more coats of paint to disguise it!

Gum Taped Walls

Gum tape needs 24 hours to dry successfully and so after this I had to decide how to adapt to my space. The construction plan originally was to use a strong wire across the space to hang the fabric from, including the entrance/exit of the space. However, part of the wall construction includes white metal bars that can be screwed into either side [seen in the previous picture], which will look more professional but also be stronger and sturdier for the fabric.

I then felt that the entrance may need to be more obvious and legitimate so with the help of others, we screwed a piece of timber in across the opening and screwed a 4×8 ft in underneath that. We then realised that the piece of timber would add height to one side of the bars that would correspond with it, therefore the opposite wall running parallel needed it too.

Added 4×8 ft. Wall (inside view)

Filling in holes and chips in the walls with filler to be sanded when dry.

Getting a first coat of white vinyl matt paint onto the significantly marked areas.


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