Degree show setup

We began the process of building the Fine Art degree show spaces by disembling the walls used throughout the year. We then removed the unecesary walls and used a floor plan to reassemble them to create a new arrangement.

The walls had to be attached with metal joints and screwed together which proved difficult because of the weight and size of each wall (8×8 ft.): there were a few falling walls resulting in some injury but as a group we learnt that the job needed lots of hands and support!

Toward the end of this process, a few of the joiners around the space had been attached the wrong way round or with one too many angles which meant going round and either reassembling them or cutting the excess of with the hand saw to tidy it up.

Once all the walls were up, we shuffle them around to ensure each space was comfortably accessible and the best can be made out of it for each artist!

The task was quite difficult; we had to pull together with the tutors to figure out how to get things done efficiently. I think we worked really well at cooperating and helping each other out which is so important to create a smooth degree show and a happy atmosphere during a stressful time!


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