Delaine Le Bas – Finance scale for final show.

Formative assessment at university was positive and beneficial, with my finances being something to work out. Unfortunately, the plan that I’ve currently got for my degree show is an expensive ambition due to the expense of printing onto fabric; I therefore need to think of the possibility of reconsidering the ‘labyrinth’ display. Because of the importance of the material aspect, I won’t completely rearrange the idea or what I’m aiming for, but I need to potentially minimalise the ammount of fabric needed.

2008; mixed media installation

Delaine Le Bas


 The images above are of installation pieces by artist Delaine Le Bas. Le Bas uses mixed media to create the spaces, including fabric. The pieces as a whole have a surreal, dream-like juxtaposition because of the odd found objects and the chaos and intensity, therefore I feel like considering the way my space is used in this way would still obtain the dream-like intention whilst softening the financial problems because of the minimalised use of fabric printing.

Le Bas also embroiders into the fabric she includes. I beleive this increases the intimacy that she has with the artwork because it provides a stronger handmade essence and by using less fabric than planned in my work, I would also be reducing the time spent on it and so this is also a possibility; with the subjectivity of a conscious mind being a key concept, I think this will compliment how personal the artwork would be experienced as it does so with Le Bas’ concentration on her personal position as a Romany.


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