Artist Statement Update

My work is my depiction of the visual stimuli from natural unconscious expression within dreams and wakefulness. The body of imagery used is acquired directly as unconscious influence; layered with flattened perspective to result in surreal narrative experience. The fabric orientated display of the narratives demonstrates the metaphysical immateriality of the human conscious mind, which is displayed in a disorientating labyrinth to embody the viewer and therefore alter their state of consciousness, provoking self-awareness and a first-hand mind-world experience to substantiate the articulation of a phenomenon that is irrefutably subjective.

The ideas derive from a personal belief similar to that of Breton and the Surrealists in 1924: the suppression of the human conscious mind’s evolution opposed by democratic conformity in Western society as an external influence, in comparison to the acceleration of the evolution of consciousness seen in previous times such as Ancient Egypt. By embodying the viewer with the capacity of my imagination, the artwork suggests the aptitude of the viewers’ mind, further than the level of creativity at which we live under societal directions.


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