The phenomena of consciousness is at the centre of the majority of artworks I produce, predominantly because of my interest in the mystery of a phenomena so crucially complex. Not being able to define consciousness as a unity or a physical entity, allows for theories to carry uncertainty because of lack of definition evidence, and therefore allows new debates and arguments to be consistently speculated within the area.

This is where the difficulties, the mystery and the animosity derives from and is an essence of psychology known as ‘Introspectionism’. The concept of ‘Introspectionism’ alone suggests the phenomenology of psychology and philosophy, meaning that theories claimed on the nature, the presence and the meaning of the conscious mind are subjective to the theorist because it is not possible to directly observe another person’s conscious mind; if the existing psychological and philosophical ideas would be assumed to be introspective then they would not be an objective perception of the conscious mind and therefore cannot be generalised.

The discussion that occurred in my dissertation: How Artists Deliberate and Contribute To The Sublime Phenomena That Is The Conscious Mind, concluded art to be a substantially successful medium to communicate the ideology of consciousness. This is proved by areas of art that have contributed to the understanding of the phenomena, such as Surrealism, Installation ’embodiment art’ and art produced by altered states of consciousness. Collectively, the artwork exhibits on a subjective level to each individual who encounters it. The original problem derives from the inability to articulate exact thoughts, feelings, emotion and internal visions without external influences being involved. Art can eradicate this flaw of the communicative consciousness because visual perception, albeit still subjective of interpretation, is a human attribute that an artist can directly connect with.

I believe that by connecting with other humans about the conscious mind and it’s almost unknown capacity through the use of artwork is a route into providing understanding about the suppression that human minds are subdued to being in the democratic, power-cultivated, western society that my previous artwork has attempted to portray.


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