Oscar Dominguez

A follower of Picasso and Dali, and participant of Bretons circles of Surrealism, Dominguez demonstrated a technique called Decalcomania. This involved producing impromptu paintings controlled largely by chance of which, similar to a technique of psychology research – the Rorschach inkblot tests, hidden imagery and symbolism was searched for within the painting. This allowed Dominguez to create shapes with no preconceived object in mind and with no emotional representation intended, evidently withdrawing and documenting symbols and imagery that belonged to his memory and imagination.

After encountering the paintings of chance by Gerhard Richter I produced some similar outcomes to understand this way of working. In the same way as Dominguez, I can recreate the use of Decalcomania and withdraw some symbols and imagery from my mind to incorporate into my paintings and collage, as an extra extension to the representation of my imagination. 


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