Set up for assessment

IMG_7105.JPGI thought a lot about the presentation of my work while I was setting my studio space up for assessment: my current artwork deals with the repetitiveness the structures of nature and so I decided to display most of the projects individually as series, as to display the repetitiveness within them. IMG_7103.JPG

Some of the larger pieces I displayed as a pair or trio, because I felt this worked more effectively because I want them to be adequate enough to illustrate my research whilst enhancing the idea of repetition or pattern simultaneously.


This approach to exhibiting my work was particularly successful with the drawings of the sound of the sea:


The repetition of the sea as I spent my time drawing the sound of it is showcased by them being placed one after another, as the spirit and the momentum of the waves would develop. I think this also worked because of the quantity of them compared to the other series that I put up, in one singular line.

I’m happy with the amount of work I was able to demonstrate, however I know that I still have a lot of pulling together to achieve; I know that there is a variety of ideas that I aim to bring together as a collective and efficient display of my concept. I think this mixture of different works is due to me not having confidence in outcomes, and therefore moving onto new ideas too quickly, without allowing myself the chance to finalize anything substantially enough to stand alone.

Contrary to this, after being able to arrange the pieces in my studio I have seen how and when the pieces work and potential for fusing my recent techniques. For example, I feel that the sea pieces and the smoke pieces have a similar yet complementary poetic aesthetic. After assessment I plan on playing with the repetitivity that I found so appropriate in my presentation because I think it could simplify my attempts to combine pattern and chaos, the chaos occurring within each piece themselves.


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