Thérèse Oulton

Untitled 1987 by Thérèse Oulton born 1953 [no title] 1989 by Thérèse Oulton born 1953Deposition 1989 by Thérèse Oulton born 1953 toh

Therese Oulton, an English painter who evokes landscape as well as suggestions of bodily features, is relative to my practice because of this combination. I want to fuse these two elements for the portrayal of my body/mind-world relationship ideas and Oulton has managed to find an admirable sensuous and mythical way of working to propose figurative within landscape non-literally. I enjoy the charisma of the unrealistic and suggestive forms in the foreground of most of her paintings because they appear alluring, viable and animate without obtaining obvious features of a conscious being which provides ambiguity.

Her repetition is appropriately significant aswell; looking into repetition within nature has tightened my visual process into thinking literally and losing sense of personality within my mark making. Her repetitions are inexact and individual which for me, layers a journey and progression onto the landscape.


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