Cornelia Parker

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991 by Cornelia Parker born 1956

Cornelia Parker’s earlier work, for instance Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View seen in the image above, is an example of one of Parker’s intentions being to portray the essence of the fragility of humans. My practice can empathize this concept because of the persistant exhistence of human features within my work, physical or immaterial, which derives from a lifelong obsession with human nature.

Parker’s work brings attention to the transformation of mundane and the most ordinary of objects into a more compelling, curious pieces through unprecedented use of processes such as explosions, steamrollering etc., of which create fragmented versions of the original object without the conscious imput from herself toward each remnant to idealize the final aesthetic. I find that this lawlessness manifests chaos because the process has no detectable regulation to it and therefore, no logic/structure as we know it.


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