Artist Statement for Monday 16th Dec assessment.

My artist statement at this present time: this will probably be edited!

From a lifelong obsession with human nature derives an interest in polishing my understanding of the interrelationship between human and world: my practice revolves around depicting the fusion of these two entity’s to introduce the ideology that thoughts and behaviours are a result of dynamic interactions between mind and environment (and body). I have produced work heavily involving nature itself by embodying myself so to involve the fundamental condition of a human being in the world, and to allow myself as an artist to fathom and duplicate the characteristics of nature, suggesting the concept of a collective consciousness. I have always been visually drawn to pattern and so I realized the universal pattern/order/structure found within nature and followed this perception to the chaos theory: the argument that nature is disorderly, random and on a larger scale, has no mathematical basis. This theory resonated with me because I believe in it as far as human existence but disagree when contemplated on the incomprehensible scale of the universe, therefore directing me to attempt to discover and withdraw pattern from visually immediate chaos. The fusion begins here, where I am advocating the opposites by experimenting to display a humanly visible structure morphed from chaotic markings.


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