Biological rhythms

I’ve started thinking about biological rhythms when I’m thinking about the ideas I want to depict through my artwork and in my dissertation relating to the body-world interrelationship. This is because the biological rhythms that the body has are aligned with natural rhythms that occur in the world: circadian rhythms are rhythms within our body’s that last approximately 24 hours – so aligned with the night-day cycle of the planet spinning on it’s axis, an example being the sleep cycle.

Some work I produced in my second year involved etching onto painted sheets of acetate and I loved the aesthetic that light coming through the negative space created, and so I have attached the piece below to the window of my studio so I can observe the light changes throughout the day as we spin across the sun. These images are obviously in fairly bright, but cold winter sunlight and I will begin to collect images at different points throughout the day to see how the aesthetic develops.






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