Screen printing

I felt that, although happy with the outcomes, the macro-lens photographs of the light-infused, acetate-suppressed pieces could potentially undergo another process in order to provide even further depth for the viewer. I also wanted to incorporate some screen printing into my term of work so as to learn a new process and find new aesthetic.

To begin with, I have taken a couple of the photographs (chosen subjective to preference) and altered them through Photoshop to turn them into halftone images in black and white, so that the image could be exposed onto a screen for printing. I then learnt how to expose a screen from a print-out and how to look after the screen, preparing it to be printed with. I started off printing this one image with black ink to get to know the process of exposure screen printing properly. The outcome is quite successful I think because I can see the range of techniques and how one image can be altered in so many ways. I learnt that you can actually simply photocopy the print out but transfer it into a negative, which when printed, then fills in the white area of the rectangle with another colour. I’ve adapted this by producing some monotone backgrounds also, and screening the exposed images on top – I’ll upload photographs of those outcomes once they are dry. The monotone effect has a lot to offer for the direction of my current work because it’s another uncontrolled source of chaos because the process doesn’t allow your mind to be involved with the aesthetic or any particular markings.

I enjoy the process of screen printing itself because it’s quite an intimate way of reproducing an image or piece of work, which is significant to the idea of creating a pattern.IMG_6868.JPG


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