After finding such significance of the subconscious markings I had made of the sound of the sea, I reinforced that imagery by creating a quick lino cutting whilst I was there so I could appreciate that over and over. Within this one piece was just the sound of one or two corresponding waves as they curled and crashed. I think the print works well because you can obviously recreate the same markings over and over to represent the structure of the movement of the sea with a reoccurring pattern.

The image below was a brief attempt at roller printing some paint in the print room, to find a potential alternative to the pressed paint pieces from earlier on in the term. I do like the outcome actually because of it’s curious and accidental composition, and the pigments do merge quite alluringly which is really engaging, however I don’t think this process for this idea is any more effective than the paint being pushed between acetate, so I aborted this process idea.




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