The Chaos Theory

The chaos theory was introduced to me by the 1998 film, Pi. The film is a study of madness and genius hand in hand; the main character obsesses over the belief that nature is expressed through numbers and that the mathematical structures found within nature, is the language of the universe. His ingenious mind evolves into madness because of his constant recognition of these patterns and he begins to see them everywhere. I feel like this represents how our minds are less advanced in comparison to the complexity of the language of the universe, because the film shows how a mind dealt with the number sequences in nature in such an uncontrollable way that overwhelmed the character.

The chaos theory itself is a theory that readdresses what the film Pi had exposed me to. It studies the behavior of the dynamical systems of that within the film Pi. These systems are highly sensitive to their initial conditions: any minor alteration can develop into largely determinedly chaotic outcomes, similar to the idea of the butterfly effect.

This deterministic nature of the dynamical system can be predicted until it appears to us that the system is random; our human eye and mind can only comprehend the chaos of the butterfly effect to a certain extent, depending on how much of the uncertainty we can tolerate but also how accurately we can actually measure ourselves. I think this ideology goes to show our insignificance to the universe because although our minds are evidently more developed than most other organisms as we know it, the language of the universe as showcased in Pi.

I am going to study this theory in more depth and learn some of the research and studies undergone because I know that fuller understanding on the chaos theory will be extremely beneficial for my dissertation!


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