Gerhard Richter responses

During viewing Gerhard Richter’s ‘flow’ pieces in London, I felt a connection between the abstraction and my ideas of the chaos theory, and the ideas that erupted from watching Pi. I was absorbed by Richter’s process, and so have attempted it through applying paint to a layer of thick acetate, and then pressing another sheet on top of that. I used my hands to push and merge the paint around.

Despite applying more artist input to the medium than Richter did, I am happy with the outcomes: the level of chaos captured by the plastic and I feel they subtly replicate a photograph, whereby the flow of the paint is captured.

In some of the pieces I included magazine/poster/paper cut outs, to include another dimension. I’m happy with some of the additions because they’re almost unexpected, but controlled by myself, reiterating the concept supposed unpredictability being controlled by structure, or an entity with structure.









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