Donald Urquhart – An Enlightened Stand


An Enlightened Stand is a piece by contemporary artist Donald Urquhart who’s intent is to fuse political ideas with his inherited passion for the environment. He has suggested geometry with the lighter square by replacing 42 tons of earth with 30 tons of white Dolomite marble chips, depicting the negative space of the shadows of the tree trunks. The shadows run south, opposite to the reality of where the sun would be in the north. The sensation of the piece alters with time and the weather, allowing nature to have control over the ambiance of the site.

Unlike Goldsworthy’s work, this piece is permanent, potentially posing a question on the perpetuation of humans among our surrounding nature judging by Urquhart’s concept. The density and almost cumbrous marble chips used as the material to replace the earth I feel highlights its permanent position. Having said this, I also feel that the contradiction to reality that having the shadows cast opposite to their natural direction brings, makes this piece quite cryptic and therefore advocate the permanency of human existence in accordance to the rest of the earth.


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