Third year beginning – blog catch up

Reflecting on the work I was producing toward the end of my second year, I didn’t feel any connection between the artwork and the research I was undergoing. I was playing with the use of colour to depict the relationship between the man-made (in this case a consumer society) and the natural, but I felt that route wasn’t carrying the concept strongly enough. This had led me to almost start completely fresh. I began by searching the library for all things nature related and found some artistic imagery of use, incorporating natural forms through photography. From this I have began a series of drawings of natural forms using willow charcoal, pencil and fine liner pens. I’ve found that I love working with charcoal for this subject matter because it’s softness compliments the organic qualities of the images.

From an explosion of withdrawing any ideas I could from my mind, I contemplated the idea of creating my own paint from natural dyes by grinding, mixing, mushing etc. pigments from found natural objects and binding that with an acrylic medium, as to incorporate the nature aspect of the said relationship in a literal way. However, after proposing this concept in a group tutorial with David Fitzjohn, it was quickly brought to my attention that this idea had been overtaken by an environmentally ethical concept of which I feel strongly about, which would lead to using completely recycled, organic canvas (and other materials to be used) and also deter from the initial concept.


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