Kadar Brock

DSC_0082 large tall

Kadar Brock is an American artist situated in  New York, who produces these artworks that caught my attention because of the unusual tendency within his work to erode or burn through the canvas material. Because of the interest in memory that Brock has, I think he has used this technique to suggest memories that disappear, memories that aren’t strong enough to be part of a long-term memory, and therefore not part of the particular consciousness. I would love to use this technique as my own and appropriate it relating back to my early project work about the apathy of humans allowing memories that are actually important to be neglected. I think if I were to take on this technique it would be effective to remove sections in this way and exhibit them on the floor underneath a canvas to show that the worldly issues that they would be representing are still there even though they aren’t part of the canvas/part of societies hierarchy of problems.

I also really love his mixture of media: spray, oil, acrylic and flashe paint, which he works together to create a series of experimentation of abstraction of geometric shapes with a colour palette I really like. Brock has strong interests in magic and memory which is really interesting, potentially a means for his colour use of what I see as fantasy-like shades. I’d really like to try working with spray paint because I’ve recently seen quite a lot of work involving this media that has been really appealing to me aesthetically. I really wish I’d come across Brock a little sooner so I could incorporate it into my subject module directly and be able to experiment with these new ideas whilst I still had a studio space! I could potentially overcome this problem by doing something more site specific such as with billboards and creating a sculpture with the cut outs to attract attention. This would evidently be more appropriate with my concepts being so society-based.

Kadar Brock


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