My studio ready for assessment – I’ve put key pieces up on the wall, including a few old pieces from last term in this module because I felt they’re relevant still. I think I’m happy with my work but I can see that there’s still a lot more that I want to do to exhibit my ideas the best I can because I want to widen my skills, particularly into film, film photography, print making and others. However, because this work has shaped my dissertation proposal, I can do all this throughout the third year.


I’ve noticed such a change within my artwork this year: I’ve developed a more expressive and abstract way of working which is something I previously and annoyingly struggled to properly exercise because I would typically be very technical and tidy. That was never necessarily a bad thing but I feel like I have developed a more experimental body of work. Having said that, perception is a really big part of understanding consciousness and so I will need to continue to apply that within my practise and because artists making work on perception have generally studied this by trying to definitively interpret their own perception as convincingly realistic artwork, there is at least one area where I can specifically maintain use of such skills.


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