Artist Statement

I’ve altered my personal statement from formative assessment at the end of last term to put up with my work in the studio:

My project began when I came across Yuken Teruya’s ‘Notice Forest’ series in the Saatchi gallery last summer, which struck a nerve and got me thinking about consumerism and the way human beings are apathetic towards issues behind society because it is designed for us to dismiss the negatives to maintain a self-minded profitable society.

This sparked research into why we are so dismissive of these seemingly obvious issues, discovering other people’s ideas on why the society is so forceful and why we are being obliviously programmed to it whilst being made to believe in our own false freedom. I have contemplated media manipulation, shadow governments, monetary infringement etc. and eventually gained an impression of a human consciousness that is being oppressed and belittled within its own intelligence, precipitating my obsession with human consciousness. Alongside salvaging the falls of our society, I have been infusing my research with knowledge, theories and philosophies of human consciousness to intertwine the consumer matter with the cause and also the victim of.

I have responded to this research by continually thinking about the relationship between the unknown western culture and the conscious mind whilst experimenting with creative processes to be the solidarity of the relationship: depicting the state of the society within the hands of our oppressed consciousness’ through the use of colour and imagery.


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