Mark Bradford

I’ve taken in board the way Mark Bradford trances his collage material, which allows it to be seen in a much more abstract way. After my visit to the Hanna Hoch exhibition in London I realised that I would like to test out producing more abstract collage and I think this has pushed me in that direction. Instead of Bradford’s typical square cut outs, I chose to use circles because I like using circles in my work and I feel it could’ve created a nice aesthetic. The first two images are of a collage made up of circle cut outs from images of interesting light sources from the markets of Marrakech (printed off from before I swapped to the Art and The Conscious Mind field module), bits of packaging, bar codes, plastic bag and old exposed camera film. The idea was to create a piece that incorporated consumer products and the use of camera film and images from Marrakech was purely to add some more interesting and attractive imagery.


These last three images are of collages of circle cut outs from seven of my photoshopped images. I want to add paint to this piece like on the collage in the previous images, but I can’t yet decide how to go about that without ruining the detail within the images.






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