Dr Deepak Chopra

I came across an interview with Deepak Chopra on YouTube, whom I hadn’t heard of before. His insight on consciousness provided me with quite a lot of information I hadn’t yet discovered, and I’m a massive fan of his theories. He explains consciousness in this video through the practise of quantum healing which is the premise that we have internal healing that can be activated through non-pharmaceutical, non-materialistic therapies such as transcendental meditation, music therapy, aroma therapy etc. I took a lot of notes from this talk but there are some significant things I have written down about new ideas on human consciousness relating to the universe. Firstly he mentions that illness is partially caused by participation of everyone within a society, for example the carcinogens in foods that are allowed by the government. He also states that if you define mind as an ability to respond to stimulus or a self-correcting phenomena, which I think it is, then the mind is everywhere; recent research supports this by equating thought to a chemical equivalence called neuro-peptides, which are actually found in all the cells in our body: a show of the connection that our mind and body has. Chopra also talks about endocrinology which interfaces mind with matter so evidently a new premise that I can explore for my subject work, and eventually my dissertation research. He believes that inner intelligence mirrors the wisdom of the universe and if we match the intelligence to the universe we would see that our balanced ecology mirrors the planets ecology – a concept that he has learnt from Ioveta: humanities most ancient healing tradition. He proves this with examples such as circadian rhythms following the pattern of night and day cause by the movement of the earth on it’s axis. Something else he says I have been able to take further into my thinking of a consumer society – that all human endeavour exists because we think it will bring us happiness so money, power, fame, possessions, even though we can go to this happiness directly rather than through these secondary goals by becoming self-referral rather than object-referral. These secondary sources of happiness are a result of a consumer, monetary society, and the less aligned with this society, the less object-referral we are so the more self-referral we are which, according to Chopra would strengthen the mirrors we have with the ecology of the planet/universe.
Deepak Chopra has taught me a lot in only half an hour so I will continue to try and find research from him because I think his insight is extremely useful for my dissertation based on consciousness.


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