Photoshop depiction of humans relationship with the world.

I have experimented with the recent photography on photoshop in an attempt to better my depiction of my concept. I layered between two and four images together, always consisting of something natural such as the skull, and something from society, such as the bottle top. I altered the transparency to allow the images to coexist and merge their shapes and colours together, and occasionally altered the exposure, brightness, contrast and vibrancy in order to accentuate areas and allow each image to play a part in the final composition. I quite like these outcomes because they often have humanistic features such as figures appearing in the abstract and I’m hoping to paint from the ones that resonate with me the most to allow some painting skills to be worked with aswell.

1 IMG_0i277 IMG_0o290 IMG_02k90 IMG_03e27 IMG_03i07 IMG_021a5 IMG_024 IMG_025i9 IMG_029m1 IMG_031x8 IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0216 IMG_0218 IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0226 IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_0270 IMG_0290 IMG_0303 IMG_0309 IMG_0312 IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0327 IMG_0333 IMG_0336 IMG_0340


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