Charcoal screaming

Working in charcoal again I wanted to try and do some more skilful tonal drawing because I love working with charcoal because it can be really illustrative as well as being able to manipulate the lighting easily by smudging and blending. I chose to use these expressive faces to put some obvious visual emotion into my sketchbook. I used to work a lot with emotional portraiture to
automatically prompt other people’s emotions. I have generally stayed away from this during my time at university because I felt it was too much of a comfort zone: testing myself to get an emotional response through different imagery or administering a more abstract way of working was what I keep thinking I need to do, but I feel I’m forgetting to keep trying out more realism to display my skills.

The third image didn’t work as I wanted purely because I don’t like the end result of the drawing at all. It’s done with pencil and then worked over the top with charcoal to define some darker areas. I stuck the image to a clothes label which is a technique I’ve used before to portray child labour and unfair wages in less economically developed countries for a more economically developed country’s benefit. This idea fits well into what this project has developed into, so I think this is something to consider using with further work.






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