Brave New Art exhibition in 2009

This exhibition in 2009 at the Walker Art Centre was based on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World – the artists used Huxley’s idea of the world as a futuristic utopia, with critical truths about the world but offers hope, to assess the state of society at the time and arts political consciousness to build artworks to exhibit together

From researching into which artists were involved in this exhibition, I have been able to discover some new relevant artists for this subject module for inspiration and motivation.

Firstly, I have looked into the works of American artist Mark Bradford who’s work includes paintings, collage and performance art. His collage pieces were the appealing works for me because of it’s organic quality and it’s pixelised combination of small, overlapping squared pieces. For me these pieces appear to have an explosion like composition and although I haven’t been able to see them in person, despite being such a mixture of material, have a somehow unequivocal beauty about them. After finding such beauty in his pieces, I realised I’ve actually seen his work before in the White Cube in London; I would love to incorporate this as my own by referring to notes I took on his work in exhibition and attempting his collage techniques with material from the society I am in, and building up the same beauty in a sort of sinister way because of my dislike towards it.

mark_bradford_devil mark_bradford_devil_long


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