Clare Woods: Hill of Hurdles

Clare Woods Hill of Hurdles at Cardiff Museum

I absolutely love this piece inspired by landscape around a waterfall close to the border between England and Wales. It is created by collaging photographs of the area at night time, and then painting the result. The colours are so bold and the lines are so crisp that it creates quite an unrealistic visual, but they work so well together nonetheless. It reminds me of some of the work I created in first year with David Fitzjohn’s colour and line module, where I thought about complimentary colours and the way line effects the way colour is perceived in terms of initial glance.
I particularly like the top of the piece where the silhouettes of tree trunks and branches have been painted in layers of line and colour.
I’m thinking I could paint my collages in a similar way and see if the technique can be effective in the same way with the dreamscape collages. I think (and I’m hoping) that it will because I get a sense of a dreamlike quality from the contrast of bright yet sometimes slightly saturated colours and the dark hues.
There was also parts of the painting that I really liked because the colours had merged into one another and accidentally created gradual colour shifts with lines of different colours – something I found in my recent subject module paintings with Brusho.


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