Contradictary Surreal Biosphere – Surprise

Endowing an accelerated, scrutinized vision of the life of sea sponge and coral, this footage is made up of 150,000 camera shots which are stacked together with 3-12 shots, creating each single frame.
It may or may not be intended to contemplate or take the shape of something viewed as surreal, but that is how I felt when watching it. Knowing that it was in fact a real life juxtaposition of movement and augmentation, allowed me to reconsider the idea of what reality is for my Surprise Me module. How can something so undeniably real be thought of as surreal? Because every embryonic part and every surrounding miscellaneous foreigner caught in the footage, is certainly existing – so why is it that acceleration has altered my thoughts regarding its existence?
It could be because even something closer to home – a plant – doesn’t receive extensive enough attention by humans for it’s growth to be viewed so steadily: the process of it’s change needs to be accelerated by use of camera for it to be appreciated. Therefore, when this idea is seen, it’s almost alien-like because it’s an abnormality to the schema of the biosphere as humans are conscious of already.
I have a few ideas on how to work with this idea by setting up a camera (unfortunately would have to be indoors due to the weather) in a particular spot with something that is able to grow and immerse in front of it, hopefully getting hold of a video camera also and editing it to create an accelerated augmentation and potentially working from these results in paint, sculpture, collage etc.


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