Sensing Spaces at The Royal Academy

sensing spaces pezo von

I went to this exhibition with uni a couple of weeks ago. It was based on the idea of architecture being imagined in a different sense to the norm: instead of just the visual, thinking about the temperature, the ambiance, the mood etc. and so the seven architects involved worked with light, material, space to reawaken the visitors sensibilities to the spaces around them. Each room/area was able to portray different sensual qualities and I think it was done so well, because I really did consider every aspect of being in any particular space within the exhibition. My favourite part of the exhibition was done by architect Diébédo Francis Kéré, and which involved visitors inserting drinking straws into a massive plastic tunnel-like honeycomb installation.
I think it was so effective because, personally it forced me to think about the space because I had to specifically contribute to it. It also made me consider the negative space a lot because it was so easy to find and compare to positive space. It also made me think about the plausibility of every individual having an impact on this particular space – if any one of these individuals hadn’t done so, the whole arrangement would end differently because each straw placed influences the next and so o, much like a butterfly effect.










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