Figurative alternatives

Today I’ve attempted to turn these recent painting a bit more figurative because I wanted to test how that would effect the visual and to try and bring this new found technique into my Art & the Conscious Mind module a little more. The small complete canvas (first image) didn’t work out the way I intended because it was supposed to look more like a human head, with the modelling paste and paint beginning to emerge away from it, leaving a distorted figure. However I feel it is almost too distorted and the head shape has been lost, although I am happy with the colour outcome and I think they’re complimenting of one another slightly, but not obviously.
The images after are a beginning of an idea that I will need another day to work into. I have an image in mind so hopefully it’ll go the way I would like in order to display some of the theories on consciousness (externalism in particular) that were covered in the Art & the Conscious Mind module.





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