Evan Harris Walker on an observational theory

Physicist Evan Harris Walker has put forward a theory which equates the conscious mind to the hidden variables within Quantum Physics:

“The measurement problem in Quantum Mechanics has existed virtually from the inception of quantum theory. It has engendered a thousand scientific papers in fruitless efforts to resolve the problem. One of the central features of the controversy has been the argument that characteristics of QM imply that an observer’s thoughts can affect an objective apparatus directly, which in turn implies the reality not only of consciousness but of psi phenomena. I have written several papers saying that such a feature of QM is not a fault, but rather represents a solution to problems that go beyond the usual perview of physics. Thus, I have developed a theory of consciousness and psi phenomena that arises directly from these bizarre findings in QM, findings now supported by specific tests of the principles of objective reality and/or Einstein locality.”

From what I understand, Walker is saying that the issues with studying the conscious mind cannot be overcome because we are the conscious mind.


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