Dream Diary

In a tutorial for my current Field module ‘Surprise Me’ we discussed the idea of keeping record of the vivid and often dreams I experience because they’re an immediate distorted narrative which is an approach to surprising people because it deviates from normality. We debated the idea that these dreams are perceived as not reality, but why this has to be the way it is and why the dreams are seen as unreal when, in my head at the time they feel very real and conscious. We also discussed dreams in terms of consciousness, so to record if I am as somebody elses consciousness in my dreams.

The concept of what is real and what is not was mainly the area we ended on in the tutorial and so we came to the conclusion to make sure we stay away from Freudian psychoanalysis of the dreams (typically something I’d do!) as to stay on the track of reality.

The idea we have is to begin to illustrate my dreams in form of a series of collage or painting or drawing or hopefully film to surprise the viewer. After this tutorial I think it would be effective to actually include some illustrated real scenarios to incorporate the idea that the audience then do not know what is meant to be ‘real’ or ‘not real’: there are no limits.

The dream diary is currently filling up!


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