Today was my first encounter with my new Field module called Surprise Me taken by Theo Humphries and Steve Thompson. My notes contain general key words and ideas I picked up on but some of this work was very relevant to me at the moment and relevant for my recent discoveries and research. I was introduced to the idea of surprising people through artwork: Surrealism, in particular the work of Salvador Dali who created shifting and distorted narratives that maintained a structure. The idea of recreating a dream to represent the subconscious mind, and the paradoxical scenarios that dreams are made up of.

Before we left, Theo and Steve explained that they want us to go away for a few weeks and return with a presentation of our research and ideas. Original thoughts are to begin keeping a dream diary (of which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time anyway) and potentially creating artwork from this – very surrealist. However, I’m hoping to experiment through the idea and come up with something that will surprise them both, potentially putting them and any other audiences, into a scenario, submerging them into my own dreamlike world in order to create the sense of embodiment that I’ve been contemplating from my previous Field module. I’m not sure finances and time would allow this to happen and to be fully complete but it’s an idea for now!


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