Barbara Kruger

Who do you think you are?

Barbara Kruger

To summarise the notes on the self-awareness of the conscious mind, I’ve discovered that self-consciousness is actually a result of different mental states/selves/parts of the mind reflecting on each other, rather than self-awareness being a sole part itself. This makes sense to me because when I think about myself thinking, it is an idea of myself thinking that I am thinking about, rather than an internal perception of myself thinking… A very confusing part of the conscious mind to consider because all the explanations or theories of the self-conscious mind that I have come across so far, seem to end in paradox or infinite regression: infinity mirror idea.

In terms of artwork, the idea of a paradox is interesting to me, because the idea of infinite regression really resonates with me because it’s so unknown. I love Johannes Gump’s self portrait from 1646 because it’s a clever and clear representation of what the study of self-awareness leads to.


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