Mat Collishaw

Mat Collishaw States “The type of adverts to be found on television and in glossy magazines are visually designed to have a power over the mind before they can even be questioned. The dark side of my work, primarily concerns the internal mechanisms of visual imagery and how these mechanisms address the mind.” (



Mat Collishaw is one of the Young British Artists whose work is an attempt at mimicking the hypnotic and glossy aesthetic of advertisments and lurid news footage which leads him to create visual narratives about the dark side of image making. I love how he combines nightmarish scenarios with startling elegance such as his series of inkjet prints of squashed butterflies on canvas. I can relate this generation of horror combined with elegance and beauty within my work that led me to the image of dead daisies last term. I really want to reconnect with this idea for my subject module because I think I could create some interesting pieces, subtly using colours that marketing companies strategically use to attract people.


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