With the work of Dominic Mcgill that I saw in the Saatchi in consideration, I want to include quotes because I think lots of words can be overwhelming and therefore resinate with people. I have chosen quotes to scratch into the paint on the acetate from Graham Hancock’s TED talk about the War of Consciousness because I feel this was a key part of my research development because I felt strongly about his words. I have specifically chosen quotes that I feel are quite concise yet powerful.

I like the way the words aren’t clear, therefore are subtle.

I also feel the way the light filters through the daisies relates way back to the ‘Notice Forest’ pieces I studied at the beginning of this project. I loved the way the light made the piece the way it was, that without the light it would be completely different and I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed the series as much as I did. I think this is why I love the result of the shadows and lighting effects I have got to with the acetate sheets.

I’d really like to do some sort of animation in the style of William Kentridge, using the shadows to create movement, because I love the way he uses this technique to create movement and not result in just an illusion, and also to show the change of society, that a corrupt and manipulated society isn’t the be all and end all because it will naturally revolve.


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