Key concepts: Utopia – Lecture with Paul Granjon

A Utopia is a community of which has highly desirable qualities. The term is used for both intentional communities that are created to hold an ideal society as well as fictional, imagined societies. A first example of utopia is a book written by Aldous Huxley in 1932 called ‘Brave New World’. The book contemplates developments like physical manipulation and advanced reproductive technology to anticipate a completely changed society, of what Huxley would’ve thought of as a utopia. Another example of conjuring ideas of utopia is Buckminster Fuller, who believed that societies would eventually rely on renewable resources such as wind powered electricity. His utopia was this, because he referred to the earth as a spaceship with finite resources that cannot be resupplied.
I really like the concept of a utopia because it really allows me to consider how the world would change if it were to become one itself. I don’t believe it’s reachable and I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing because every individual has and will alaways have a different opinion on what is deemed as desirable. However, there are issues that I believe to be completely unnecessary and undeserving. I need to research further into these issues so I can narrow my research down to what I feel is an important message.


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