Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness

“You guys have severed your connection with spirit.”

I found myself completely agreeing with the way Grahame Hancock talks of the apathy of humans towards the revolving issues of society. He begins by describing a new level of consciousness he found himself developing: one that has deeper thoughts about the planet and everything on it’s well being. This comes from a certain brain energy resulted by smoking a certain drug, but that this state of mind is naturally bound to our minds anyway, but has not been undercovered from being sub-conscious naturally. The fact that we have an amazing, extensive, attentive conscious really emphasizes the extent of apathy among us: we have the ability to do so much but we do so little. I feel as though this isn’t a conscious act in itself though: I feel that there is a reason we haven’t naturally developed our consciousness as quickly as we could have – because our minds are suppressed by the coverage in the media being untruthful and not as extensive as it should be, in order to maintain the political system in place and so that the people in power are able to remain there. We are fully able to break away from this forced way of thinking but being so suppressed means that it is more comfortable and ‘normal’ for us to continue to conform. For example, I personally feel very strongly about the suppression we are under but that doesn’t stop me from consuming and pining for things I know I do not need, because I have been brought up by a society that does this to be able to fit the ‘norm’ of first world humanity.


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