Dominic McGill


I saw McGill’s work in the paper exhibition in the Saatchi over the summer and I spent a long time captured by the big illustrations and reading the quotations included in the speech. The way it’s displayed, brain-storm-like, allows me to feel within McGill’s thoughts and consciousness. I feel that this one particular large scaled piece is full of subjective, political questionings and ideas that I also believe and can relate to in terms of my own mind’s schema, even without the knowledge of how McGill feels about these quotations. McGill is referring to historical certainties and uses cliches and fragments from political speeches in order to create a sense of contemporary political issues and controversy. I was overwhelmed with this piece because of it’s scale and intensity. I was still contemplating the piece as I moved on in the gallery – I felt there was a lot that resinated with me which I think McGill intended, judging by the scale and chaoticness. I’d like to incorporate the understanding of overwhelming people so that my message resinates with them so that they can think about it deeply. Although I feel this may be quite forceful because it makes people feel overwhelmed without choice, I think it is acceptable because of the relation to the forcefulness of the media, of marketing and advertising. Advertising for example, I feel is beyond our control because it’s thrown in our faces and we are captivated by it to the extent where we indulge in and consume the subjects of the advertisements, of which we know deep down we don’t necessarily need.


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