Notice Forest by Yuken Teruya

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Notice Forest by Yuken Teruya viewed in the Saatchi

Teruya’s starting point for Notice Forest was he found himself unable to dispose of a paper bag. To him, the paper bag was a representation of the carelessness towards the planets forests, simply to be used as a receptacle for consumerism purposes. The receptacle becomes an active space; a stage for the delicate tree cut outs, created from the bag itself and pulled into position.

Teruya himself describes these artworks as an attempt to return a spent consumer product back to the forest. The bags that Teruya uses range from McDonald’s to Marc Jacobs, which I think shows the diversity of consumer products that is most probably inconsiderate of the wastage of the simplest of items and the effect that has.

I find the way the light filters down through the top of the right-angled receptacle interesting in itself. The tree has created a spotlight for itself within its environment. I see this as a portrayal of how obvious the wastage of the paper bag is because it is blatantly representing itself in its own form.

I like the contrast between the delicate paper cut out in the middle, and the brutality of the consumer receptacle that it is contained in; Overall, Teruya has highlighted to me the ignorance of western society in which we fall among a norm of consumerism without the concern of how we are able to enjoy the luxuries.


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